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The Benefit of Drawing for Young Children

One of the parenting lessons I have received is the importance of drawing and painting for young children – they are amongst the most important basic skills they will learn. It’s not just the visual exploration and adventure that aids their inquisitive, sponge-like minds, but something many first-time parents will encounter for the first time […]

Question Time – Yeeha !

Question Time: 4-year-olds I relate entirely to this, as will all other parents who’ve been through, or are experiencing this phase. My boy is as curious as they come, and during this phase would fit in maybe ten ‘why’s per simple request. He’s still asking, which I believe is a good thing for his future, […]

Single Parenting Holidays: Joburg for Christmas again ?

  So Christmas has passed and December’s approaching yet again. A little quicker than last year, which was already a little quicker than the 12 months before and so-on and so-on. That’s what I was thinking last year in about August. Such is the calendar of a single parent battling to see his children; I […]

Being Dad

I’m a separated Dad. Once a story belonging to others in newspapers and on TV, it is now my own tale too. I’m not particularly interesting, but as millions of single mothers and fathers around the world will relate to the experience, they may appreciate the telling of the tale as it happens. Nothing has […]

Truth & Lies in Parenting

By Charlene Smith (author of Nelson Mandela’s official biography) Becoming a parent alerts you to all sorts of lies, most of all the ones our parents or culture taught us. Being a good parent is about trying to implement new truths. Soon after my daughter was born I wrote about the Motherhood Myth. I’m not […]

Dating For Dads 2

She was my first internet date, and I was a bit nervous. Firstly because I knew that this was my first journey down the dark side of online dating, that murky avenue where the discarded remnants of failed relationships lurk in search of company and maybe some form of social acceptance. To set the scene, […]

Introducing The Kids to ‘Birding’

One of the first recognizable sounds to wing its way from my son’s chattery mouth of delightful sounds was the call of a hadeda ibis. Nappy-clad, he would grip the edge of his cot, tense his little body and let fly with a ‘Ha-ha-hahaaa’ (read as though about to sneeze, maintaining a nasal tone throughout). […]

What’s For Lunch Dad ?

“I just ate some half-chewed food my son spit onto his plate. Parenting has reduced me to some kind of disgusting bird-man…”. It’s a quote I came across on a parent user-group, and while I,  like millions of others, have often finished the children’s food, eating the chewed remains of another is a frightening thought, […]