I’m a single dad with a dream. To have my eight year-old boy and five year-old girl together in our home, as a family. The reason they are not is a tragic one, much like she can’t come on holiday with us. Unfortunately I haven’t the money to change it.

My daughter has never slept over. I worry at what she thinks about why she can’t sleep over, like her brother has been doing ever since their mother and I split, when he was four and she was one. The same son with whom I flew cross-country when he was two, visiting game reserves here in South Africa, which his mother won’t allow for our girl. Their mother and I were together then. She was going through a rough time, at the tail end of a legal battle overseas with her ex-husband over their son.

When I started this post almost a year ago, my wish was the same; to spend every day with them, doing daily ‘stuff’, like hanging the washing, catching frogs and kicking a ball without the pressure of a 5pm collection time. Being exhausted by them. Sorting my girl’s pigtails and bedtime stories were up there on the ‘to-do’ list. They still are.

The reality of being a single dad (or mom) is that we all have baggage, and that your time with your children is limited, so against this backdrop I am determined to make memories that matter. This blog is about navigating that mission, finding the humour and love along the way, and sharing the journey.